Commercial Security Services

If you are responsible for retail security or commercial security, your priority is to provide a safe environment for your employees and customers. Reducing inventory loss is a key to price controls and bottom-lines. Businesses can’t continue to incur losses on a regular basis. Some loss may even cause insurance carriers to drop coverage, which may result in going out of business in some cases.

Elite Security LLC will work with you to implement a risk plan that will allow your business to flourish. Our highly trained officers have the technical knowledge to understand your unique needs, vulnerabilities, and will listen to your expectations. We will identify how your business is incurring its losses, work to minimize your exposure, and help to devise procedures to detect and deter thieves.

By having a large staff of off-duty police officers, Elite Security can help add visibility to your facility and often the mere presence of a police officer will deter some. We can also make arrest while some security guards would have to call someone else to handle such incidents. It is important to you business that our officers have the proper training and equipment to detain suspects when needed, which prevents risks of having your employees hurt or improperly violating their rights.

We assist retail store owners, property management, and property owners who are facing an increasing challenge as they strive to secure friendly shopping environments for their customers, tenants, and employees.

Our Services We Provide:

  • Risk Management
  • Prompt and Courteous Customer Service
  • Professional and Reliable Security Personnel
  • Responsive Security Services
  • Effective Communication
  • Loss Prevention
  • Foot and Mobile Patrols
  • Standing Guards
  • Vandalism Deterrence
  • Patrol Vehicles
  • Alarm Response
  • Parking Enforcement and Traffic Control
  • Emergency Coordination and Evacuation
  • Alarm Response
  • Crowd Control