Construction Site Security

Construction Site Security The loss of material and equipment is quite common on construction sites. With insurance premiums on the rise due to theft, it makes good sense to protect your job site and your clients. The sad fact is it’s just not enough to put a lock on it and expect it to be there the next day when your crew shows up for work. There’s an old saying, “locks are for honest people”.

Construction sites are one-stop shops for the thief who wants everything. Overnight is more than enough time for even a small time thief to take off with assets. Equipment replacement cost, down time and insurance premiums alone can put you out of business. Let Elite Security prevent such loss.

  • Traffic
  • On-Site
  • Asset Protection
  • Large Scale Road Closure
  • Equipment (i.e. cranes)
  • Overhead Construction
  • Safety Plans for City Permits