Corporate Security Services

If you are concerned about Corporate Security, let Elite’s security analyst assess your needs and ensure that you have the appropriate level of protection at all times. Taking time to listen to our clients and understanding their needs, maximizes our ability to exceed expectations. 

After completing your company’s risk assessment, we assist in the implementation of your custom security plan. Securing your assets, employees, and executives is vital.

We can assist you in tailoring your company's unique needs through:

  • Developing Emergency Plans & Procedures
  • Establishing Security Strategies & Programs
  • Implementing “Best Practices” for Security
  • Managing Physical Security Projects
  • Creating Effective Security Training Programs
  • Managing the Security Shareholder Meeting
  • Establishing Crowd Control Measures
  • Assist in Crisis Management
  • Loss Prevention of Corporate Assets

Security Ensures Safety

Our law enforcement professionals are at your site to ensure overall safety of people and property. It is our goal to work with you to develop a cost-effective and extensive security program that will help to minimize: 

  • Robberies
  • Larcenies
  • Employee Theft
  • Physical Threats
  • Vehicle Break-ins
  • Personal Violence Attacks
  • Unwanted Intruders or Violent Visitors

Law enforcement professionals send a clear message that your location is secure and safe and offers a deterrent to would-be crimes and criminals.

Patrol Services

We provide our corporate security customers with the best possible service and professionally trained police officers. Our security patrol services include:
  • Written program orders and procedures customized to each client's unique needs to ensure a safe and structured security program.
  • Coordinated and pre-planned "check-ins" from our officers using the latest technology, including smart phone applications and GPS.
  • All officers are equipped with police radios and can summon other officers at any moment.
  • Our officers are trained in patrol techniques that maximize ability to be seen and affect arrests.
  • Being that all officers are off-duty police officers, all are armed and have the ability to make arrests.
  • Burglary Alarm Response
  • Elite's officers are trained to respond to your business in the event your burglary alarm is activated. We will thoroughly check your business for visible signs of a break-in. If we locate a break-in on your property, we will search the interior of the business and arrest any violators present. If no one is located inside, we will guard your business until repairs can be made.

Random patrols are designed to deter crime. Through this service, we will randomly patrol your business or business parking lot. Our visible presence on your property will send potential criminals a message that your property is protected, which greatly reduces the chances of your business being targeted by criminals.

Homeland Security

A major topic on the agenda of many corporations and businesses is how to prepare for terrorism and homeland security threats. We have special expertise and training in vulnerability and threat assessment, security planning, anti-terrorism planning and training, transportation security, and infrastructure security products for safeguarding your location.

We will develop a custom plan that will help your business develop an action plan to help minimize the impact of disasters. The plan can be as specific and detailed as you need, covering everything from evacuations to an end-to-end solution covering the necessary steps to take before, during, and after a disaster occurs.