Elite Home Inventory

Indianapolis Home & Business Inventory Services

As a leader in security in Indianapolis, Elite provides home and business inventory service to allow for individuals and companies to properly document their assets (i.e. electronics, collectibles, computers, jewelry).

Property loss can cause frustration when an individual or business owner is not prepared to list valuables taken in the event of a theft or burglary to the police officer taking the report or the insurance company.

Police investigators rely heavily on asset documentation, like serial and model numbers as well as owner applied numbers to assist in the recovery of stolen items. Without this valuable documentation, it is rare that items are recovered after the first few hours of the crime.

Furthermore, second hand stores such as pawn shops are required by law to list the serial and model numbers of their purchases and hold them for ten days prior to selling them.

Insurance agents advocate a home inventory in case of loss, whether from natural or criminal incidents. Having such an inventory prevents you from forgetting items when seeking a claim with your insurance company or having replacement items of lesser value than the item lost.

Elite security can help prevent this type of additional loss and give you peace of mind knowing that the worth of your valuables has been properly documented.

A home inventory provides not only color hard copy documentation but also an electronic copy for you and, if you choose, mailed to your insurance agent. Customers first receive a visit from us to provide information on how you will need to prepare. Elite Security will photograph and document all large items in your home or business including televisions, electronics and furniture.

After the in-home appointment, Elite Security will prepare your inventory off site and then return it in person and review the document and photographs with you.