Industrial Park Security

Elite Security offers a wide-range range of services including industrial park security. The profitability of industrial parks depends on the ability to be operationally efficient. Industrial parks sustain losses valued in billions each year at the hands of both sophisticated external threats and trusted insiders. Not only do such losses threaten profitability and increase costs to the consumer, they put at risk trade secrets, perception of the brand, and a company’s reputation in the marketplace. Also, losses due to theft or vandalism can increase insurance premiums and ultimately have a company’s insurance cancelled. In addition, businesses are liable for the safety of their employees. Elite Security provides the ability of having police officers to respond as needed. Knowing employees are safe will give a sense of comfort to owners and management.

Elite Security will deliver customized facilities and manufacturing security solutions designed to mitigate security risks, reduce theft & other losses, maximize employee collaboration, and sustain profitability. Elite offers the most reliable, comprehensive and professional industrial security services available.

Elite Security is a management-and systems-driven company whose professionals have created and constantly refine an approach that evolves to meet the needs of its industrial and manufacturing industry clients. Our team will work closely with you to create customized security programs that focus on advance planning and preparation for all contingencies.

Elite’s officers are vetted professionals that have passed rigorous selection process includes thorough background checks, testing, past performance analysis and are hand-picked based on their work ethic.

Roving patrols, including vehicle and foot patrols, will give you comfort to know that assets are better protected because the police are present and in-person. Industrial parks have their own complex issues. Due to the vast size and areas to cover, officers have to be vigilant. 

Our Industrial Services Include:

  • Armed Onsite Security Officers
  • Random Roving Patrols
  • Dedicated Vehicle Patrol
  • Onsite Foot/Bike Patrol
  • Building Safety and Crime Prevention Programs
  • Crisis planning and response
  • Risk Assessment
  • Security Checks
  • Building Closings
  • Executive protection