Law Enforcement Security

Elite Security exclusively schedules off-duty police officers for professional law enforcement security services for clients on a daily basis. These professionals provide the benefit of firsthand knowledge of the problems existing in your area as well as the ability to arrest and make police reports, if the need were to arise. Due to daily integration in the community, they are familiar with the geographical locations of clients which will expedite their response times in the event of an emergency. If a crime does occur, police officers are already on the scene, armed and ready to take immediate action to protect life and property. By only hiring security guards, police would still have to respond to the scene to affect the arrests. With a direct link to our communications center, officers can summon instantly any additional emergency response teams that may be needed to neutralize the situation in a timely manner.

They can serve as the after dark eyes and ears to help keep your business safe from the unsavory elements of society.

Patrols Services:

Elite offers uniformed and non-uniformed officers to patrol. We can customize a specific route for your business or neighborhood to provide the best coverage possible. Roving patrols provide a visual presence that can deter crime and can ease the anxiety. In addition, having a police car patrol on-site is a huge deterrent.

You can have peace of mind when a professionally trained police officer responds to any concerns regarding your business. Elite’s off-duty police officers are updated each year on the most recent changes to the law to minimize legal battles.

Our police officers are also trained in the following:

  • Patrol techniques to minimize redundancies and maximize their time
  • A proper and legal knowledge and self-defense
  • Crowd control to diffuse hostilities
  • Traffic control and safety
  • Investigative procedure
  • Evasive driving skills