Privacy Policy

The Elite Security LLC Privacy Notice describes how Elite Security LLC and its subsidiaries treat personal information when you use Elite Security LLC services, including information provided when you use Elite Security LLC. In addition, the following describes privacy practices specific to Elite Security LLC.

Personal Information

Browsing Elite Security LLC. You can browse the Elite Security LLC website without having an Elite Security LLC Account. You also can contact us through the Elite Security LLC contact information or by emailing us directly without having to register for an account.

Your Elite Security LLC Account. For some activities on Elite Security LLC, like adding Content, posting comments, you may need an Elite Security LLC Account. We ask for some personal information when you create an account, including your email address and a password, which is used to protect your account from unauthorized access.

Usage Information. When you use Elite Security LLC, we may record information about your usage of the site, such as the channels, groups and favorites you subscribe to, which other users you communicate with, the frequency and size of data transfers, and information you display about yourself as well as information you click on in Elite Security LLC (including UI elements, settings). If you are logged in, we may associate that information with your Elite Security LLC Account. In order to ensure the quality of our service to you, we may place a tag (also called a "web beacon") in HTML-based customer support emails or other communications with you in order to confirm delivery.

Content Uploaded to Site. Any personal information or other Content that you voluntarily disclose online may be collected and used by others.


If you submit personal information to Elite Security LLC, we may use that information to operate, maintain, and improve the features and functionality of Elite Security LLC, and to process any flagging activity or other communication you send to us.

We do not use your email address, phone number, or other personal information to send commercial or marketing messages without your consent. We may use your email address and phone number without further consent for non-marketing or administrative purposes (such as notifying you of major Elite Security LLC changes or for customer service purposes).

We may use cookies, web beacons, and log file information to: (a) store information so that you will not have to re-enter it during your visit or the next time you visit Elite Security LLC; (b) provide custom, personalized content and information; (c) monitor the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns; (d) monitor aggregate metrics such as total number of visitors and pages viewed; and (e) track your entries, submissions, and status in promotions, sweepstakes, and contests.

Information that is Publicly Available

When you create an Elite Security LLC Account, some information about your Elite Security LLC Account and your account activity may be provided to other users of Elite Security LLC. This may include the date you opened your Elite Security LLC Account, the date you last logged into your Elite Security LLC Account, your age (if you choose to make it public), the country and the Content you subscribe to.

Any Content that you submit to Elite Security LLC may be redistributed through the internet and other media channels, and may be viewed by other Elite Security LLC users or the general public.

Your Choices

If you have an Elite Security LLC Account, you may update or correct your personal profile information, notification preferences and privacy settings at any time by visiting your account profile page. You may control the information that is available to other users and your confirmed friends at any time by editing your Elite Security LLC Account and the features that are included on your channel page. You may, of course, decline to submit personal information through Elite Security LLC, but Elite Security LLC may not be able to provide certain services to you.

Advertising on Elite Security LLC

Elite Security LLC strives to provide you with relevant and useful advertising, as well as other third party ad serving systems, to do so. We may use a range of information including cookies, web beacons, IP addresses, usage data and other non-personal information about your computer or device (such as browser type and operating system) to provide you with relevant advertising. While you are logged in or logged out of your Elite Security LLC Account, we may also show you advertising based on non-personally identifiable information you have provided to us in your Elite Security LLC Account.

Advertisers may serve ads based on interests and demographic categories associated with non-personally identifiable online activity. Advertisers may also serve ads to you based on previous activity on that advertiser's website or based on non-personally identifiable information from other companies. This non-personally identifiable information is held separately from your Elite Security LLC Account data, or other personally identifying information in our possession.

Other third-party ad serving companies may display ads on Elite Security LLC, provided they comply with our ad serving requirements. Elite Security LLC does not provide any personal information to these third-party ad servers or ad networks without your consent. You should consult the respective privacy policies of these third-party ad servers or ad networks for more information on their practices and for instructions on how to opt-out of certain practices. Elite Security LLC’s privacy policy does not apply to, and we cannot control the activities of, such other advertisers or web sites. Any data obtained by third-party ad servers subsequently shared with Elite Security LLC is maintained and dealt with by Elite Security LLC in accordance with this privacy policy.

Community Guidelines

Here is additional guidance on what is acceptable and unacceptable at Elite Security LLC:

Pornography, Sex and Nudity

Pornography is difficult to define, but we know it when we see it, and we do not permit it on Elite Security LLC. If content is intended to be sexually provocative, it is unacceptable. If it is educational, documentary, scientific or artistic sexual content, it might be acceptable. For example, content about preventing sexually transmitted diseases would probably be acceptable. Probably!

Hate Speech

Don’t hate. Celebrate!

"Hate speech" is any content that promotes hatred against members of a protected group. Racist or sexist content is almost always hate speech. We acknowledge the fine line between what is and what is not considered hate speech. While you may criticize the Syrian government, for example, it is not okay to make insulting generalizations about the Syrian people. Get it?

Shocking and Disgusting

The world is a dangerous place. Sometimes people do get hurt, and it’s likely that these events will be documented on Elite Security LLC. However, it’s not okay to post violent or gory content that’s primarily intended to be shocking, sensational or disrespectful. If a post is particularly graphic or disturbing, there must be a legitimate purpose in showing those details. Posts intended to shock and disgust viewers and for no other purpose are prohibited.

Dangerous Illegal Acts

You can’t yell "Fire" in a crowded theatre. Nor can you post on Elite Security LLC content that is intended to incite violence or encourage dangerous, illegal activities that have an inherent risk of serious physical harm or death. So, do not post things like instructional bomb making, ninja assassin training, sniper attacks, cracking safes, breaking into cars, street racing, etc.


The Elite Security LLC founders all have children, and we do NOT tolerate posts involving children (anyone under the age of 18) that are sexually suggestive or violent. Please be cautious when posting something involving a child.


When you create something original, you own the copyright for it. When someone else creates content, they own it. You do not. So, respect others' copyrights, as you expect people to respect your copyrights. That includes trademarks as well. Do NOT post content unless you own it or have permission to use it on Elite Security LLC.


Do not post other people's personal or financial information. That includes phone numbers, addresses, credit card numbers, credit data, social security data, government ID’s, family information, etc.


Elite Security LLC is all about sharing and interacting with the community in respectful ways. We expect you to follows the Golden Rule- TREAT OTHERS ON ELITE SECURITY LLC AS YOU WISH TO BE TREATED. Do NOT attack or say nasty things about or to someone on Elite Security LLC.


Imitation is the ultimate form of flattery. Or so they say. Impersonating someone by copying that person’s content, using a similar username, or posing as that person is considered impermissible. Please avoid any form of impersonation or harassing activity on the site.


Here is the only threat ever allowed on Elite Security LLC- If you threaten someone, we will delete your account. Users should not feel threatened when they utilize Elite Security LLC. Period.