About Elite Security

Elite Security is the best at what we do and we have a strong track record to back that up.

Questions you should ask before deciding on a security company:

  • What is the level of training your officers receive?
  • What type of background checks do you conduct on new hires?
  • How often do your armed officiers qualify with their weapons?
  • What is the commitment level of your officers?

Elite Security only utilizes off duty police officiers

Elite Security has been in business since 2005, with an owner who personally has 20+ years of on-the-job police officer experience. Elite Security carries a $5 million dollar general liability insurance policy with full Workman's Compensation insurance, which is unlike most other security firms in Indianapolis. Most local security firms hire off-duty officers as independent contractors and issue 1099 tax forms versus making them employees. Elite Security is the exception.

Elite Security only hires police officers in order provide the professional services its clients receive on a daily basis. Why hire only police officers? Having a police vehicle, arrest powers, and communication will allow one person to detain a person, arrest a person and make the reports needed. Security guards would need to call the police to process arrests. In addition, private contract security companies that hire non-police trained guards may not properly screen employees with the same scrutiny that a police department does, which can lead to possible security breaches for clients.

Elite's officers are cops working in the Indianapolis area, providing the benefit of officers with firsthand knowledge of the problems existing in your area. They are familiar with the geographical locations of clients which will expedite their response times in the event of an emergency. With a direct link to our communications center, officers can summon instantly any additional emergency response teams that may be needed to neutralize the situation in a timely manner. They serve as after dark eyes and ears to help keep your business safe from the unsavory elements of society.

If you need peace of mind and confidence in the security firm that you hire to protect your investments, Elite Security is the obvious choice.